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Silverston et al.'s Universal Data Models

Model Type:Generic Type
Name:Silverston et al.'s Universal Data Models
Reference (Primary Reference / Secondary Reference):Silverston, L.; Graziano, K.; Inmon, W. H.: The Data Model Resource Book: A Library of Logical Data and Data Warehouse Designs. New York, NY, USA, et al. : Wiley Computer publishing, 1997.
Responsibility for Modeling (Personal Responsibility / Organizational Responsibility):(Silverston, L.; Inmon, W.H.; Granziano, K. / -)
Tool Support:No
Domain:Universal Data Models for Several Domains,
Institution: Manufacturing
Institution: Health Care
Institution: Insurance
Institution: Financial Service
Institution: Travel
Institution: E-Commerce
Modeling Language(s):Modefied Entity-relationship Model (ERM)
Modeling Framework:No
Number of Diagrams:270*
Number of Views:
Process-related Size:-
Organization-related Size:-
Data-related Size:3500*
Function-related Size:-
Output-related Size:-
Construction Method:no statement
Evaluation Method:Exemplary Apllication (Silverston 2000) / (No/Partly)
Application Method(s):Procedure Model, Especially for Building Data Warehouse Models
Reuse and Customization:no statement
Use Case(s):no statement