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Model Details

MPRM, Mobile Payment Reference Model

Model Type:Generic Type
Mobile Payment Reference Model
Reference (Primary Reference / Secondary Reference):Pousttchi, K.: Mobile Payment in Deutschland - Szenarien?bergreifendes Referenzmodell f?r mobile Bezahlvorg?nge. Wiesbaden 2005.
Responsibility for Modeling (Personal Responsibility / Organizational Responsibility):(Pousttchi, K. / -)
Tool Support:no statement
Domain:Others: Mobile Payment Procedures
Modeling Language(s):UML Use Case Diagram (UML 2.0),
UML Class Diagram (UML 2.0),
UML Activity Diagram (UML 2.0),
UML Sequence Diagram (UML 2.0),
Value Flow Diagram based on Gordjin's E3-value model extended using Use Case Maps (UCM)
Modeling Framework:No
Number of Diagrams:22
Number of Views:2
Process-related Size:55
Organization-related Size:-
Data-related Size:16
Function-related Size:-
Output-related Size:-
Construction Method:Theoretical Considerations based on Empirical Survey
Evaluation Method:no statement
Application Method(s):no statement
Reuse and Customization:no statement
Use Case(s):no statement