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Reference Model Manufacturing Systems

Model Type:Generic Type
Name:Reference Model Manufacturing Systems
Reference (Primary Reference / Secondary Reference):(Rabe, M.; Mertins, K.: Fraunhofer Simulation Reference Model. In: P. Bernus, K. Mertins, G. Schmidt (Eds.): Handbook on Architectures of Information Systems (2 ed., pp. 693-704). Berlin et al.: Springer, 2006.;

Rabe, M.; Mertins, K.: Reference Models of Fraunhofer DZ-SIMPROLOG. In: P. Bernus, K. Mertins, G. Schmidt (Eds.): Handbook on Architectures of Information Systems (pp. 639-649). Berlin et al.: Springer, 1998.;

Mertins, K.; Rabe, M.; K?nner, S.: Reference models for simulation in the planning af factories. Proceedings of the IMACS syposium on Systems Analysis Modelling Simulation, 1995, pp. 655-658.;

Mertins, K.; Rabe, M.; M?ller, W.: Reference Models for Process Oriented Manufacturing System Modelling. Paper presented at the 32nd International MATA-DOR Conference, Manchester, Juli 1997.)
Responsibility for Modeling (Personal Responsibility / Organizational Responsibility):(- / Fraunhofer IPK)
Tool Support:Yes
Domain:Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
Modeling Language(s):no statement
Modeling Framework:no statement
Number of Diagrams:no statement
Number of Views:no statement
Process-related Size:no statement
Organization-related Size:no statement
Data-related Size:no statement
Function-related Size:no statement
Output-related Size:no statement
Construction Method:no statement
Evaluation Method:Pilot Project (Rabe, Mertins 1998) / (No/Partly)
Application Method(s):Procedure framework for using in context of simulation software
Reuse and Customization:no statement
Use Case(s):1 (Rabe, Mertins 1998) / (No/No/Partly)